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Gazele Biznesu 2014


Vitamins and preservatives

Name Quality Comments
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) USP, 99% - 101% Kwas liponowy Alpha Lipoic Acid kwas tiooktanowy
Benzoic acid PhEur/BP/USP/FCC/E210
Benzyl benzoate PhEur/BP/USP/NF/FCC
Benzyl cinnamate FCC
Borax 99,50%
Calcium glycerophosphate BP/cosm.
Calcium hydroxide PhEur/USP/FCC, E526
Calcium oxide BP/FCC, E529
Citric acid 1-hydrate EP/BP/USP/FCC
Citric acid anhydrous PhEur/BP/USP/FCC
Diammonium orthophosphate FCC (NH4 )2PO4
Dicalcium orthophosphate 1-hydrate PhEur; FCC CaHPO4 H2O
Dicalcium orthophosphate 2-hydrate PhEur; FCC CaHPO4 2 H2O
Dicalcium orthophosphate anhydrous BP/USP; FCC CaHPO4
Dipotassium phosphate anhydrous FCC/E340ii K2HPO4
Disodium orthophosphate 2-hydrate PhEur; FCC/E339 Na2HPO4 2H2O
Disodium orthophosphate 12-hydrate PhEur/USP; FCC Na2HPO4 12 H2O
Disodium orthophosphate anhydrous FCC/E339; techn. Na2HPO4
DMDM Hydantoin cosm, 55%
Ethyl paraben (Nipagine A, Aseptine A) pure
Folic acid (Vitamin B9) BP/FCC CEP
Glycerine PhEur/USP, 86,5%; 99,5 %
Lactic acid 88/90% USP/FCC/E270
Magnesium hydroxide Techn.,granulated, paste
Malic acid FCC/E296
Methyl paraben (Nipagine M, Aseptine M) PhEur/BP/USP
Monosodium orthophosphate 1-hydrate BP/USP; FCC NaH2PO4 H2O
Monosodium orthophosphate 2-hydrate PhEur/USP Na H2PO4 2 H2O
Monosodium orthophosphate anhydrous PhEur Na H2PO4
Natamycin USP DMF
Nicotinic acid (Vitamine B3) BP/FCC
Potassium-sodium tartrate pure
Potassium hydroxide pharma/food/pure/techn. flakes
Potassium sorbate PhEur/FCC
Propionic acid PhEur
Propyl paraben (Nipagine P, Aseptine P) PhEur/BP
Sodium-potassium tartrate PhEur/BP/FCC/Techn. natural
Sodium acetate 3-hydrate PhEur/BP/USP/FCC, Inj.
Sodium acetate anhydrous FCC
Sodium benzoate, powder PhEur/BP/USP/FCC
Sodium chloride PhEur/BP/USP
Sodium citrate 2-hydrate PhEur/BP/USP/FCC
Sodium citrate anhydrous USP/FCC/E331
Sodium formate pure
Sodium hexametaphosphate, Graham's salt FCC/65%
Sodium nitrate FCC, E251
Sodium nitrite USP/NF, E250
Sodium pyrosulfite (metabisulfite) FCC, E223
Tartaric acid, synthetic BP/FCC
Tartaric acid L (+) natural PhEur/BP/USP/FCC/E334
Tetrapotassium pyrophosphate food K4P2O7
Tetrasodium pyrophosphate food Na4P2O7
Tricalcium orthophosphate anhydrous PhEur/NF/FCC/E341iii Ca3(PO4)2
Trisodium orthophosphate 12-hydrate FCC Na3PO4 12 H2O
Trisodium orthophosphate anhydrous PhEur/USP Na3PO4
Vitamin A acetate FCC/feed
Vitamin A palmitate USP/FCC
Vitamin B1 1-hydrate (Thiamine) BP/USP/FCC/feed
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) BP/USP/feed
Vitamin B2 phosphate (Riboflavin phosphate) BP/USP
Vitamin B3 (Nicotinic acid) BP
Vitamin B5 (D-Panthotenic acid) PhEur/45%, 98 %
Vitamin B6 BP
Vitamin B9 (Folic acid) BP CEP
Vitamin B12 HCl PhEur/BP/FCC/feed
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) PhEur/BP, DC* DMF/GMP
Vitamin D5 (Calcium pantothenate) PhEur/USP
Vitamin E acetate BP/USP/FCC, 50%,96%,98% oil
Vitamin H (D-Biotin) PhEur/FCC/feed, 2%
Vitamin K3 (Menadione sodium bisulfite) USP/feed, 96%, 98 %
Vitamin P (Rutin) PhEur/DAB/NF
Vitamin PP (Nicothinamide) BP
Pure - pure, ppa - analytically pure, Chem. pure - chemically pure, Ind. - indicator, Food - food, FCC- Chemical Codex (USA), E - No - INS number, Feed - animal feed, Cosm. - cosmetic, Techn. - technical, ACS - American Chemical Society, AJI - Ajinomoto norm, BP - British Pharmacopoeia, BPC - British Pharmaceutical Codex, DAB - German pharmacopoeia, DAC - German pharmaceutical codex, JP - Japanese pharmacopoeia, NF - National Formulary, PhEur - European pharmacopoeia, PhHelv - Swiss pharmacopoeia, Inj. - for injection, oral. - oral grade, USP- U.S. pharmacopoeia, DC - for direct compression (tableting), DMF, CEP, CTD, COS - symbols of available technological documentation, GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice (manufacturer's certificate)