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Gazele Biznesu 2014


Chemical products for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

Polyethyleneglycol 6000 (PEG 6000)

Quality: PhEur/BP/USP

Comments: powder

Polyethylene glycol in various forms, is used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

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Pure - pure, ppa - analytically pure, Chem. pure - chemically pure, Ind. - indicator, Food - food, FCC- Chemical Codex (USA), E - No - INS number, Feed - animal feed, Cosm. - cosmetic, Techn. - technical, ACS - American Chemical Society, AJI - Ajinomoto norm, BP - British Pharmacopoeia, BPC - British Pharmaceutical Codex, DAB - German pharmacopoeia, DAC - German pharmaceutical codex, JP - Japanese pharmacopoeia, NF - National Formulary, PhEur - European pharmacopoeia, PhHelv - Swiss pharmacopoeia, Inj. - for injection, oral. - oral grade, USP- U.S. pharmacopoeia, DC - for direct compression (tableting), DMF, CEP, CTD, COS - symbols of available technological documentation, GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice (manufacturer's certificate)