surowce farmaceutyczne ekstrakty roślinne

About us

Chempol has been operating on the chemical market since 1993. Our main activities focus on importing and exporting high quality raw materials and chemical products for various purposes.

We supply pharmaceutical and cosmetic raw materials (active substances, preservatives, vitamins, oils, etheric oils and plant extracts) and import food and feed supplements (mineral salts, aminoacids and vitamins).

A separate field of our activity concerns import, export and distribution of chemical products for the production of glass and ceramics, rubber goods, plastics, lubricants, metal finishing. Our offer includes also reagents and indicators.
We deliver products from renowned and reputable manufacturers and guarantee repeatibility of quality for regular supplies. Upon request, we import raw materials and chemical products with special properties (non-standard granulation, heightened microbiology, specific crystalline structure, elongated expiry dates of substances).

Our company cooperates with manufacturers from Belgium, France, Germany, the USA, the UK, the Czech Republic, Spain, Switzerland, India, China, Russia and Ukraine. For years our strategic partner is Kirsch Pharma GmbH, Germany.

In Poland, we supply goods to about 150 large and medium size manufacturers from various industries. Our Customers also include Polish and foreign distributors. Based on our experiences and infrastructure (warehouses, bonded warehouses, logistics system), we are able to process orders in the shortest possible time.
At regular cooperation we are ensuring deliveries on call within 48 hours from ordering.

Chempol has been awarded the ISO 9001:2009 Quality System Certificate with added elements of the Internal Control System (WSK).

In 2003, Chempol joined the Polfarmed association.


We supply high quality chemical products and pharmaceutical raw materials produced by renowned and reliable manufacturers. We guarantee repeatibility of quality for regular supplies.



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Chemical products for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

Surowce farmaceutyczne i kosmetyczne

product list

Food supplements

Dodatki spożywcze

product list

Active substances

Substancje czynne

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powder plant extracts, dry extracts

Ekstrakty i wyciągi roślinne

product list

Oils and etheric oils

Oleje i olejki

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Vitamins and preservatives

Witaminy i konserwanty

product list

Chemical products and raw materials for technical purposes

Produkty chemiczne i surowce o przeznaczeniu technicznym

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Feed supplements

Dodatki paszowe

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